Genn Bo – There Are No Miracles

genn bo there are no miracles

One, two, three, four, here we go..

Nod, nod, nod, nod…

This is hide-and-seek.
This is a miracle on every corner.
This is the ice-cream melting on a hot sunny day, running through the fingers of a child while his mouth is wide open and his eyes awe at something that’s about to happen..
A miracle about to happen..

Echoing memories of childhood bring up three creative tools, that is – scissors, glue and colored pencils. Cut it, slice it, glue it, stick it, color it and blend. Mix it. Creation! You nod your head. Nod your head.

Sampling soviet LP’s, retrieving the essence of saturated reminiscence from childhood, grainy and crackling, twinkling feel, looping, hypnotizing oneself by looping. Like a summer to a child – lasting forever. Repeat – lasting forever. Repeating to the beat. The beat. Repeat the beat.

Again. The beat. It is here. It is in the background. It is in the foreground. You are embraced. You nod your head.

Yes, you live as you want.

It is a gypsy woman’s spell you fell into, but realized it too late.

And some say there are no miracles..

releases 31 May 2014
Produced and Mixed: Genn Bo
Linear Notes: Paulius Burakas
Management: Artiom Soldatov