Genn Bo meets Direktorius – Toraja Mamasa

Genn Bo meets Direktorius - Toraja Mamasa

When hip hop aesthetics meet with punk spirit – strange and interesting things can happen. And they did, in the new EP by Genn Bo and Direktorius – Toraja Mamasa.
Coming from both worlds, artists brought their own experience to the table. With Genn Bo, the early participant of Lithuanian beatmaker battles, sample digger and a fan of electronics on the instrumental part and Direktorius, the frontman of a former punk-ska band Dr Green, experienced local hardcore scene activist on the vocals, the EP turned out to be dark and heavy, challenging modern day values.

Produced and Mixed: Genn Bo
Vocal and lyrics: Domininkas Kunčinas
Guitar: Ilja Urbonas (track 1)
Press release: Kotryna Sokolovaitė
Artwork: Marius Kneipferavičius