Echo Friendly
by Jelena Ura

Jelena Ura is a redhead girl from Vilnius oldtown – creative, possitive and open minded music lover and illustrator. “While compiling this selection of tunes I thought how nice the spring is and how pleasant the sun, how fun and cheerfull are reggae and dub and how good it is to be happy about it all. This is a dedication, intended to cheer everyone up. From…until, like the spring”


  1. STA – Dorhman
  2. Herbata – World Today (Original Version)
  3. Roots Radics Band – Storming the Death Star
  4. Addis Pablo – Gideon Rockers feat.Sylford Walker
  5. Ministry of Echology – Inner Revolution
  6. Sylford Walker – Deuteronomy
  7. The Lions – Let’s Go Out Tonight feat.Black Shakespeare
  8. Gregory Isaacs – Ungratefull Dub feat.Pickout Allstars
  9. Sugar Minott – The Vibes
  10. Charlie Chaplin – Trouble in a Earth
  11. Super Cat – Them no care
  12. Sister Nancy – Only Woman DJ with Degree
  13. Gregory Isaacs – Curfew
  14. Prince Fatty – Shadow Dub
  15. Webcam Hi Fi – Zulu Dub
  16. 7ft Soundsystem – Haile Unlikely Dub
  17. Med Dred – Attah Dred feat.Peter Attah