Broken Perception
by Souldatov

Have you been on a trip lately? We suggest you take one by listening to a special selection carefully compiled by Souldatov. As adviced by author, your journey should begin in your comfort zone with an open mind, drilling through the urban centers of several merged cities with different cultural backgrounds and their suburbs in different time of day or night, the future and the past, it ends up somewhere on the beach of the Curonian Spit, where it’s calm and peacefull.


  1. Suff Daddy – Kicks
  2. Mordy Laye and the Group Modular – Tripping in Sogo City
  3. Kankick – Palestine ‘tro.
  4. The Grits – Psycho
  5. Psych Weapons – Crackula
  6. Cherrystones – Cold Soil
  7. Mordy Laye and the Group Modular – Lunokhod
  8. Psych Weapons – Favorite Colors
  9. Cherrystones – Honeys Pot
  10. Carmody – Vulcani
  11. Comfort Fit – Moonshine Navigator
  12. Doomstarks – Cellz (feat. Mr. Chop)
  13. Fid Mella – Tubo
  14. Doctor Zygote – Beirut Dub
  15. Nick Waterhouse – That Place (Al Lover Remix)
  16. Mophono – Early
  17. Desmond Cheese – Mins
  18. Kankick – Monk Clap
  19. JIM – La Douche