Orion’s Loop
by Genn Bo

Next episode of Dubartis is presented by Genn Bo, who is sharing some of his favorite and inspirational tunes from recent days as well as some rediscovered sounds from the past. Inspired by the 80’s Soviet movie “Orion’s Loop” (“Petlya Oriona”), a mix is somewhat a sound interpretation of the story, a journey through a dozen of musical genres and styles. “A strange phenomenon occurred on the outskirts of the Solar system. A powerful radiation, called Orion’s Loop is driving astronauts mad. A spaceship with a mixed crew of people and androids is sent to study this phenomenon. But strange events start happening as the spaceship approaches the mysterious loop…” Tune in and dive into the cosmic sounds of now.


  1. Jeremiah Jae – Spaceman
  2. Kone – Laws Of Nature
  3. DJ Krush ft. DJ Yas & DJ Hazu – No More
  4. Richard Colvaen – Sofist
  5. Sine & Noise – Trupa
  6. White Noise – Love Without Sound
  7. Supersoul – Almighty (feat. Juliet)
  8. Moresounds – Sour Demons
  9. Darkhouse Family – Darkhouse Meditation
  10. Jonwayne – Electricity
  11. Kutmah – The Dalston Stalker
  12. Gods – First Multitude
  13. Paul White – Fuckin’ Around With A Vocoder
  14. Vex Ruffin – Release
  15. Al Lover – 3-D Cave Paintings
  16. Mo Kolours – Promise
  17. Voodoo Dred – Racine
  18. Ras G – Green Curry
  19. King Midas Sound – Outer Space
  20. Nick Hook – Fish Food (with Computer Jay & The Gaslamp Killer)
  21. Quakers – Mummy
  22. Silver Apples – Pox On You
  23. Ras G – Sike Ya Life
  24. Cyclist – Visions