Dubartis #1 by Genn Bo

First Dubartis podcast mixed by Genn Bo, presenting a wide view on contemporary music with no borders, ranging in between of space-age jazz, world psychedelic, deep dub or soulful trip hop beats. Selection includes lately released music from Greg Foat Group, Shawn Lee’s ping Pong Orchestra, Richie Phoe, Border Crossing, Ribbonmouthrabbit, Souleance, Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra and much more. Compiled, played and recorded in January 2013, during Neringa FM 6th birthday party celebration.


  1. Yuppies with Jeeps – Bein haDabashot Selenite Remix by Markey Funk
  2. The Greg Foat Group – Time Piece 1 – Harpsichord Bugalu
  3. The Gaslamp Killer featuring Amir Yaghmai – Nissim
  4. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Boomwack
  5. Jahno Dub Masta / Droegenbwoys – Rette Mich Dub
  6. Richie Phoe – Step At A Time
  7. Border Crossing – Dream On (ft Knati P)
  8. Esbe – Green Eyed
  9. Ribbonmouthrabbit – Not Such A Clear Day
  10. Ribbonmouthrabbit – A Man Of Dreams (Mr. Moods’ 50s Mix)
  11. Wodoo Wolcan – Hau Rein
  12. Souleance – Strongest Love
  13. Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra – Blood in the water
  14. Vintage Beats – La La
  15. Ray Camacho & The Tear Drops – Si Si Puede (Lack Of Afro Remix)
  16. The Greg Foat Group – Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part 2)