Tokyo Trio
by Kempe

ToKyO TriO, tunes played from Tomas Požemis, Gintaras Didžiapetris and Vytautas Narbutas record collections on Wednesday evenings at Cafe de Paris, Vilnius. Surrounded by huge amount of vinyl records of different styles, friends are playing music they like.
This cut is presented by Kempe also known as Vytautas Narbutas or Vj Nosignal, recorded on 2nd of April 2014. Get ready for music from FULGEANCE, Flying Lotus, Machinedrum, Dimlite, Dza, Squeaky Lobster and more. More »
Dubartis #16 "Echo Friendly" by Jelena Ura

Echo Friendly
by Jelena Ura

Jelena Ura is a redhead girl from Vilnius oldtown – creative, possitive and open minded music lover and illustrator. “While compiling this selection of tunes I thought how nice the spring is and how pleasant the sun, how fun and cheerfull are reggae and dub and how good it is to be happy about it all. This is a dedication, intended to cheer everyone up. From…until, like the spring” More »

Head of Stone

KASETA – tailor of beats, who delivers straight to the point. Straight into your head, making it nod right away. Keeping it that way with a slow decay. Like inertia of a heavy object, a stone. Or maybe by being stoned? “Head of stone” those are the words, that first come to mind after listening to this mixture of beats. Take a hit. More »
ministry of echology

Ministry of Echology album release

Ministry of Echology is a dub/reggae band from Vilnius, Lithuania. After years of repetitions band is ready to release their debut album. Check the teaser and come to support your local band on 3rd of April at LOFTAS.
As there were no reggae bands back in 2009 spring, Juozas aka Eazystyle MC came to us and said “we have to do something about it”. Wherever you hear fat bassline, upbeat and horns. Be sure that you’re invited to dance and have a good time. Keep on steppin’ skankin’ and movin’.
Album release party: http://on.fb.me/1izBuSw More »

Kaseta B&B 72 A

“Black & Blue” EP by Kaseta

KASETA – nostalgia sounding instrumentals. That’s why Kaseta. That’s why EP is so similar to a two sided record. Each side represents a color. Black – not a color of danger, anger or high fashion, but а color of coffee, which makes those creative night happen. Blue – a more melancholic shade of the night. As shade, one sees looking at a night sky through the kitchen window. More »

Dubartis #16 by Souldatov

Broken Perception
by Souldatov

Have you been on a trip lately? We suggest you take one by listening to a special selection carefully compiled by Souldatov. As adviced by author, your journey should begin in your comfort zone with an open mind, drilling through the urban centers of several merged cities with different cultural backgrounds and their suburbs in different time of day or night, the future and the past, it ends up somewhere on the beach of the Curonian Spit, where it’s calm and peacefull. More »

Fishday / February

Legendary Fishday Thursdays at CAC bar.
02.13 Genn Bo & Souldatov, Deneez
02.20 Jelena Ura, Deneez, A.


Hectic Times
by Genn Bo

As the saying goes, “Everything new is well-forgotten old”. In this new episode, Genn Bo is diving deep into the ocean of hip hop aesthetics, investigating relationship between new and old, West and East or even technology and human factor. In one hour all around hip hop selection alongside well known classics as Madlib, Wu-Tang Clan or Alchemist, you can find production from other side of iron curtain, or even new and unreleased tunes from nowadays producers. Whole mix is dedicated to celebrate upcoming release by Genn Bo – the soviet beat-tape “There are no miracles”. Respect the old truths in those hectic times. More »

Eastern Delight
by Weedska

This time Dubartis podcast carefully selected and mixed by well-known music lover, dj and our good friend – almighty DJ Weedska . Special selection called Eastern Delight – a sonic tour of psychedelic beats from Turkey, Lebanon, Sudan, South Africa, Fiji, Japan and New Zealand. More »