Genn Bo - 404 EP

Genn Bo – 404 EP

Following the homage to Boss Dr. Sample SP-303 it would be unfair not to mention it’s younger, but not less successful brother – SP-404. Being the sampler of the next generation of the same line, SP-404 inherited all the things that made it’s predecessor appealing – it sounds great, it has limitations that drive creativity and on top of that it has more effects and space. Everything that is needed to produce tracks in a compact box that is impossible not to love.

Here are 4 tracks made by Genn Bo on the SP-404

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Boss Dr. Sample SP-303 is indeed an iconic sampler that has been used by many talented producers. The SP-303 is unmistakable for its warm, heavily compressed sound, yet – still way underrated. Despite its limitations (looking from today’s perspective) SP-303 ability to push your creativity beyond your own imagination doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a sampler that deserves a tribute.

This EP lies somewhere in between homage, experiment and self-discipline exercise, all inspired by this small yet distinct piece of equipment.
3 tracks made by KASETA, using only SP-303.

3rd of March (03/03/2015) is the 62nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and there are 303 days remaining until the end of the year. SP-303 day. Because 3 is a magic number.

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Occasional music listening and streaming session by Vilnius’ locals. 5 hours of different styles from different angles. This session featured some out of the box selections by Genn Bo, Deneez, Požemis, Kempe and
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Ministry of Echology - Version Excursion

Ministry of Echology – Version Excursion

Every reggae band should have dub versions of their tunes. It’s the nature of reggae music. Ministry of Echology, the only active reggae group in Lithuania, is no exception. Their debut album was released in early 2014 and later that year Dubartis comes up with a follow up album of alternate versions.
Version Excursion is an album full of dubs, versions and interpretations of songs by Ministry of Echology made by local artists and friends from abroad – Jambassa, Voodoo Tapes, Arrogalla, Lata, IJO, Grad_u, Genys, 96wrld, KASETA, Giriu Dvasios and Genn Bo.
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Genn Bo meets Direktorius - Toraja Mamasa

Genn Bo meets Direktorius – Toraja Mamasa

When hip hop aesthetics meet with punk spirit – strange and interesting things can happen. And they did, in the new EP by Genn Bo and Direktorius – Toraja Mamasa.
Coming from both worlds, artists brought their own experience to the table. With Genn Bo, the early participant of Lithuanian beatmaker battles, sample digger and a fan of electronics on the instrumental part and Direktorius, the frontman of a former punk-ska band Dr Green, experienced local hardcore scene activist on the vocals, the EP turned out to be dark and heavy, challenging modern day values.
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Tropical Soundclash

Tropical Soundclash on LRT Opus

New weekly radio show on Lithuanian national radio station LRT Opus by Souldatov and Weedska. Show is devoted to music ranging from old to new, afrobeat to boogaloo, highlife to zouk, samba to cumbia, reggae to tropical bass and more. Tune in every Wednesday from 7 to 9pm.
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Dubartis #22 by Souldatov

Esclavo Moderno
by Souldatov

Cumbia. In it, three cultures come together – the black African, indigenous and European. The origin of cumbia can be traced to the era of slavery. We live in the modern world and consider ourselves free, as if slavery ended long time ago and does not exist anymore. Most of the people do not admit the possibility of slavery being present to this day because of it’s disguise. Manipulation tools transformed, became more subtle, more scientific, but what did not change is that those tools are still being used…
This time Souldatov presents mad tropical selection to celebrate the launch of new weekly radio show Tropical Soundclash on LRT Opus. More »
"Африкатам" by Denez

by Deneez

For this episode we have a scene veteran, a long time record collector and one of the few vinyl only DJs that are left in Lithuania – Deneez. He has a fine taste in soul music and his studio mixes are rarities, just like some of the records in his collection. But this time Deneez has prepared something different. His mix is called “Африкатам”, which in russian means – AfricaThere. Indeed it’s there, far far away, almost unreachable. But hearing those rhythms, chants and spoken words brings it a bit closer. Happyness becomes simpler, sun seems to shine just a bit warmer and brighter, you feel this primal urge to move to the rhythms, to dance… See for yourself – one hour window to Africa, right there. More »
DDubartis #20 "Sample Junkie" by Tafari

Sample Junkie
by Tafari

Edgaras Tafari, full-time jeweller and the host of the only radio show in Lithuania dedicated to reggae, Teigiamos Vibracijos on Start FM. Being the radio host one has a mission to educate. And Edgaras did just that by preparing an educational session. It would be quite obvious to expect a reggae mix from him, but not this time. This is the first mix by Tafari that isn’t reggae, but with his favourite sampled songs. A list of must-know material for the music heads. A set of golden tunes for everyone. More »